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Why we stand out

We're successful

Riviera Hunt succefully sold over the past years several 6 and even 7 figure properties. We love what we do and are good at it. Get in touch with us for your search and we'll do our best to make sure you will not need to contact any other agents to get what you want.

We're thorough

Based on the set of criteria provided by our Clients, we usually come up with preliminary selections of 2 to 3 dozen different options, from several agencies. We source properties from our usual partners, as well as new ones for each new request. We have access to off-market properties.

We're efficient

We usually manage to organize visits of 8 to 10 properties per day during the preliminary "discovery" phase, all pre-selected from the selections we prepare based on precise criteria. This intensive start allows for our Clients to optimize their search and get a very good feel for the current market.

We go all the way

Most deals are complicated and problem solving is at the heart of our job. And interestingly, the issues are always different. Important amounts of money are involved, emotions run high, negotiations can be intense, technical, administrative and legal issues are often very complex, many parties need to be brought together and reach an agreement. We know it takes time, determination, perseverance and patience to close a deal, but we always do what it takes.

We pamper you

We pick you up at your hotel or the airport in a comfortable car, with the entire schedule pre-organized. Our clients do not need to make appointments, drive, call agents, they just have to focus on the properties. We provide water and cookies too !!!

We're not pushy

People do not purchase a property like a pair of shoes or a vacation, we know it takes time and certainty before committing and we let our clients choose the pace of their search. It can take many months to find the right property at the right price. We're patient and will not call you every other week to tell you to make offers.

We're independent

We have no particular interest in selling any property or with any agency in particular. Since we're buyer's agents, no matter which property our Client chooses, we're still getting our commission. That allows us to give you our candid opinion on all properties. The quality of our work is the guarantee that you will stay with us until you find the right home.

We're knowledgeable

There are many parameters to take into consideration when purchasing a property: quality of a neighborhood, lifestyle of an area, applicable zoning and building codes, construction and renovation issues, legal and tax implications, investment strategies balanced with quality of life .... We can answer most basic questions and defer to competent professionals when such expertise becomes indispensable.

We're connected

It requires many skills and contacts to find and purchase a property. Not only do we work with literally dozens of agencies in the French Riviera, including all the most prestigious ones, but we also have a trusted network of Notaires, contractors, surveyors, architects, property managers to introduce our Clients to.

We're focused

Our Clients deserve our entire attention because we provide an expensive service and have to be beyond reproach. Your queries and communication will always be answered as quickly and completely as possible. In any event, we always acknowledge any message from our clients within 24 hours and inform them of what we'll do to meet their requests.

We're experienced

Riviera Hunt started in 2008 and we have sent thousands of properties in our selections, to dozens of potential Clients. We have visited hundreds of villas and apartments with them, in all areas of the French Riviera. Our pulse is on the market and we can explain the trends, specificities of each areas. Very often, we'll know the market of some areas for a particular type of property better than some local agents, because they only know their own listings, while we visit the same areas with different agencies.

We're candid

We do not list properties that have been sold 2 years ago. We will let you know if we think that a property is noisy, may have structural damage, that pictures have been "photoshopped", that an asking price is unrealistic. We will not tell you that another offer is underway and that you need to act quick lest you'll lose the property. We strongly believe that honesty and total transparency pay off, both in the short and long term.

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